Malabella's Story​

Malabella came to life thanks to Sophie and Andy, an adventurous Irish couple who spent countless summers along the coast. Their love for exploration led them to travel and live in various parts of the world, but they couldn’t shake off the happiness they felt in their favourite place and eventually made Mijas home. Inspired by Sophie’s talent as an award-winning lifestyle blogger and digital marketer, they decided to create a website to share their tips and recommendations with locals and visitors alike.

Their goal? To make sure everyone has the absolute best time here.

Marbella Boardwalk

Beyond the Beaches

There’s a common misconception that the Costa del Sol is exclusively reserved for tourists and retirees. While it undeniably caters to these groups exceptionally well, it is also a remarkable place to call home for people of all ages. Beyond its renowned sun-soaked beaches, this vibrant region offers a wealth of experiences for every kind of traveler, regardless of their preferences unrelated to the coastal attractions.

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the hidden gems nestled between Malaga and Marbella, ensuring that we cater to all demographics. Regardless of your interests or budget, we are dedicated to providing recommendations that suit every preference.

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