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Old Town Marbella

Welcome to Marbella Old Town, a picturesque neighborhood that showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of this enchanting coastal city on the Costa del Sol. Nestled within its narrow streets and charming plazas, you’ll find a treasure trove of delightful eateries, cozy cafes, and boutique shops. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Marbella’s captivating Old Town.

Gastronomic Delights

Marbella Old Town offers an array of dining options, from traditional Spanish cuisine to international flavors. Here are a few must-visit eateries:

Acro Tapas

Tapas with a twist! Enjoy great food and wine in atmospheric Marbella Old Town. Popular dishes include the mini burgers, risotto, cheese plate and grilled octopus. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Arco Tapas Bar Marbella

Cafe Flore

Located right at the heart of Marbella Old Town, Cafe Flore has a magical atmosphere thanks to fairy lights and greenery all around. Their most popular dish is pasta carbonara, which they prepare table side in a cheese wheel.

Cafe Flore Marbella

The Farm

Dine in the secret garden away from the main street. This is a great option for international food, with many vegetarian options too. Don’t miss the live performances throughout the week.

Taberna La Niña del Pisto

Wonderful authentic tapas, in an intimate Andalusian setting. This one is very popular with locals, so book ahead of time.

Churrería Marbella

One of several churro cafes in the old town, Churrería Marbella is regarded by many as the best.

Cafetería Los Naranjos

Looking for a cocktail after dinner? Head here, in the Orange Square for a great selection of well priced cocktails made with fresh juices.

Orange Square (Plaza de los Naranjos)

This iconic square is surrounded by charming cafes where you can sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you soak up the historic surroundings.

Boutique Shopping

Marbella Old Town is a haven for boutique shopping enthusiasts, with its quaint streets dotted with stylish stores and artisan shops. Find a a mix of high-end fashion boutiques, local artisan shops, and trendy stores. You will discover many hidden gems as you wander the street of the Old Town, but here are some favourites:

Jazmin & Jewels

Women’s clothing store


Clothing & home store

2 Espadrilles from Marbella

 Shoe Store

Vintage Deja Vu 

Vintage clothing store

Farina Made in Italy

Handbags and accessories store

Salotto Clothing Shop
2 Espadrille from Marbella

Marbella Old Town is a hidden gem within this vibrant coastal city, offering a delightful blend of gastronomy, culture, and boutique shopping. As you wander through its cobblestone streets and soak up the historic ambiance, be sure to indulge in the local cuisine, relax at cozy cafes, and discover unique treasures in the charming shops. Marbella Old Town is a testament to the city’s rich heritage and a place where tradition and modernity effortlessly coexist, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking a glimpse into the soul of Marbella.

List Map

We’ve added all our above recommendations to a Goole map of Marbella old town to make it easy to find your way around during you visit.  

Marbella Old Town Shopping
Shopping in Old Town Marbella

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