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Malaga is a beautiful and vibrant city that offers something for everyone. Its rich history, cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and lively nightlife make it a must-visit destination in Andalusia. Discover our top recommendations below.   

What to expect

Beautiful beaches

Malaga has a long coastline with stunning beaches that offer a range of water activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Delicious cuisine

Malaga is known for its delicious food, including fresh seafood, tapas, and a range of traditional Spanish dishes. The city has many excellent restaurants and bars where you can try these local specialties.

Best time to visit

Malaga has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. The best time to visit for warm and sunny weather is from May to October. Malaga’s peak season is from June to August, when the city is crowded with tourists. If you prefer cooler weather and less crowds, the months of December to February are perfect, with daytime temperatures averaging around 15°C.

Historic landmarks

Malaga has a rich history, and there are many historic landmarks and cultural sites to visit, including the Alcazaba, the Cathedral of Malaga, and the Roman Theatre.

Lively nightlife

Malaga has a vibrant nightlife scene with many bars, clubs, and music venues that stay open late into the night. The city is especially lively during the summer months.

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Get to know Malaga

La Cala de Mijas music festival
La Cala

Our Guide To La Cala De Mijas Festival

It’s 2023 and Cala Mijas Music Festival is back for it’s second year. Locals and tourists alike gathered within the hills of La Cala to experience the Costa Del Sols largest music festival with an impressive line-up. We were personally pleasantly surprised by the overall layout and organisation of the festival, not to mention the music. So, we have high hopes that this year will be even better!

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