The Marbella boardwalk, also known as the Paseo Marítimo, is a popular promenade located in the coastal city of Marbella, Spain. Stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, offers breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, with sandy beaches on one side and picturesque landscapes on the other. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding mountains.

The boardwalk begins at the fishing port of La Bajadilla, located east of Marbella’s city center, and extends westward for approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) until it reaches Puerto Banús, a prestigious marina and resort area.

Walk, Jog, Cycle or Scoot 

The boardwalk is designed primarily for pedestrians, making it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll, jogging, or cycling.

There are several bike and scooter rental shops and services available. These rental options allow visitors to explore the boardwalk and its surroundings at their own pace and enjoy the scenic views along the coast. Some rental shops may require a valid identification document and a security deposit before providing the bikes or scooters. Cyclists may ride a maximum of 10 km/hour.

Cycling on the Marbella Boardwalk

Lot’s to see

The boardwalk is also home to various shops, boutiques, and markets, offering a diverse range of products and souvenirs. Additionally, you can find street performers, musicians, and artists showcasing their talents.

While walking along the boardwalk, you will encounter several landmarks and attractions, such as the Marbella Marina, the lighthouse at Puerto Cabopino, and the luxurious yachts of Puerto Banús. These landmarks add to the charm and allure of the boardwalk.

Marbella Boardwalk

Take a break 

Along the Marbella boardwalk, you’ll find a variety of popular cafes, bars, and restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines and atmospheres. Here are a few well-known establishments:

Trocadero Arena: A stylish beachfront restaurant known for its elegant atmosphere, live music, and Mediterranean cuisine.

La Pesquera: Situated in Puerto Banús, La Pesquera is a renowned seafood restaurant offering a wide selection of fresh seafood dishes. It provides a charming setting with beautiful views of the marina.

Bora Bora Marbella: This beach club and restaurant is a popular spot for daytime relaxation and entertainment. Bora Bora Marbella offers comfortable loungers, refreshing cocktails, and a varied menu with Mediterranean and international flavors.

Cappuccino Marbella: Known for the best coffee in Marbella. A stylish café offering a mix of Mediterranean and international cuisine. It boasts a spacious terrace with lovely views of the sea.

Chiringuito La Dolce Vita: Situated right on the beach, Chiringuito La Dolce Vita is a vibrant beachfront bar and restaurant. It offers a relaxed atmosphere, live music, and a menu featuring fresh seafood, paella, and cocktails.

Da Bruno Sul Mare: A well-established Italian restaurant, Da Bruno Sul Mare is known for its authentic Italian flavors and cozy setting. It provides a charming waterfront terrace and a diverse menu with pasta, pizza, and more.

Purobeach Marbella: Situated in Laguna Village, Purobeach Marbella is a trendy beach club and restaurant with a chilled-out atmosphere. It offers comfortable loungers, a swimming pool, international cuisine, and live DJ performances.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other cafes, bars, and restaurants along the Marbella boardwalk to suit various tastes and preferences. Exploring the promenade will reveal even more culinary delights and places to relax and enjoy the coastal ambiance.

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The Marbella boardwalk, also known as the Paseo Marítimo, is a popular promenade located in the coastal city of Marbella, Spain. Stretching along the Mediterranean

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